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Tower Bridge

For Exploring the London Sights

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I am not a fashion expert, but I do love finding cute and real outfits to wear while traveling. It is so important to have comfortable clothes and shoes for long days exploring! For walking around London, I wore a classic modern city look with black pants, white tank, and a timeless trench coat. This outfit gave a classic London vibe!

Brunch at the Shard

Heading out to a nice brunch at the top of the Shard, I wore a classy blazer and sweater combo. This was great to continue on the day exploring

Chelsea Match

I am a huge Premier League football fan, so of course I had to have a cute outfit for the Chelsea match!

Visiting Castles

I wanted a cute but comfortable outfit that would work for walking around all day outside to visit some castles!

Black Tie Outing

We were in London for a friend’s wedding, so I found this super cute dress that gave a modern formal city vibe!

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