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India is the one place I travel where I always leave a TON of extra space in my suitcase because there is too much good stuff to bring back! I’ll give you a rundown of everything I like to buy when I’m in India, including ideas for gifts for friends and family back home.

1. Clothes

So much of the world’s textiles are manufactured in India – so why not buy from the source? You can find some beautiful, locally-made clothing almost anywhere in India. Especially if you need Indian ethnic clothing for an Indian event – it is best to buy it in India!

Some favorites in Gurgaon:

2. Ayurvedic Products

Everytime I go to India I LOAD UP on Ayurvedic Products. My favorite place to shop is Khadi (there’s one in Connaught Place in Delhi) where you can find inexpensive soaps, face washes, oils, literally everything! For higher-end products, I’d recommend Forest Essentials.
Clothing India

3. Spices

 India is home to so many aromatic and flavorful spices. It is much cheaper to buy them in India than most other places. I’d recommend loading up on expensive spices like saffron, or local spice mixes like biryani masala.

4. Handicrafts

 You will find beautiful handicrafts being sold all over India. Some highlights are mosaics being sold in Agra, mimicking the style of the Taj Mahal; puppets, blue pottery, and marble in Jaipur, and scarves and handmade jewelry in Delhi. In Jaipur, there is this adorable shop two floors below Tapri Central (tea house). It is one of my favorite places to go for high-quality local products.

indian spices
handicrafts agra

5. Tea and Coffee

Make sure to buy some tea from the home of chai! India also has amazing coffee. We always buy Blue Tokai Coffee and Vahdam Tea when in India. If you’re in southern India and are able to go visit tea fields – that would be an amazing opportunity to buy some local tea.

6. Local Snacks

We love to load up on our favorite snacks to bring home. You can buy all kinds of snacks and sweets at the grocery store or somewhere like Haldiram. My favorites are bhujia (fired, kaju katli (cashew milk sweet), natkhat (wheat puffs), and gajak (peanut or sesame brittle).

blue tokai coffee
local indian snacks

7. Pashmina

These will be expensive anywhere you go – but you will be able to get the best cost for quality directly in India! I’d recommend trying to buy these from a fabric store or local market for the best price.

8. Pottery

You will likely see the vibrant and beautiful Blue Pottery if you go to Jaipur and I highly recommend buying this as a gift for loved ones back home. You will also see local pottery sold in many places. There is even a giant street market in Gurgaon that sells lovely pottery.

Gurgaon pottery

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