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Event by Event Breakdown of What I Wore to an Indian Wedding

For context, I am American and my husband is Indian. These were the outfits I wore to the first ever Indian wedding I attended for our dear friend. My husband’s family is Punjabi and this wedding was in Udaipur, so that has influenced the outfits here! The right clothing will be different depending on what part of India you are in and your connection with the culture.

Mehendi outfit
Haldi outfit
Indian wedding

For Mehendi

Mehendi is the event where henna is done. Traditionally it is for the bride and the female guests, but now brides tend to have their mehendi done ahead of time and this event is for the guests. At our wedding, even men had a little mehendi done on their palms so every was involved! This is an amazing lehenga/gown that my in-laws gifted me.

For Sangeet

Sangeet is typically the event with all the dancing and choreographed dances (if the couple wants!). These days, this event tends to be more indowestern and men commonly wear suits.


Haldi is the event where everyone puts turmeric on the bride and the groom as a cleansing ritual. It is now a fun and lively event usually with flowers, bright yellow outfits, and often some dancing!

For the Wedding

For the actual wedding, usually people wear indian formals. For my family, this means lehenga or saree.

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