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Eco Friendly Traveler Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the eco-friendly travel lover in your life? I’ve got you covered! Here are a bunch of ideas to minimize your impact on the planet while still giving an amazing gift for your loved ones.

Price: Varies

Experiences The most sustainable thing you can gift, is not a thing at all - but an experience! If you know where they're headed for their next trip, get them a unique experience for that destination. This can be anything from dinner at a local restaurant, museum tickets, concert tickets, an Airbnb experience, or a wine tasting!
Carbon Offsets Know that your loved on is always concerned about their carbon emissions? Gift them the carbon offsets to cover their next trip! Although these are far from a perfect solution to the emissions from air travel, everything helps.
wine tasting

Check out an Airbnb Experience

Carbon offsets from Cool Effect 

Price: Under $50

Solid Toiletries from Lush These are some of my go-to travel essentials. Save on the plastic packaging and get some TSA friendly shampoo bars, conditioner bars, or solid perfume.
Solar Powered Power Bank It's important to always have your devices charged when you're traveling since they act as your phone, camera, navigation, and more! Grab one that charges with the power of the sun.
Solid toiletries

Shampoo bars from Kitsch or Lush

Solar powered power bank

Solar Power Bank on Amazon

Coyuchi Sleep Mask This is absolutely necessary for trying to get some shut eye on a flight. Sleep is so essential to a good travel experience, so you deserve the best!
Air Tags These are a lifesaver if you're guilty of leaving your purse at a restaurant, your keys falling out of your pocket, or losing anything valuable. You especially don't want to lose anything when traveling. I like to keep an air tag in my passport cover.
Raw Elements Sunscreen A loved one heading to a tropical destination soon? Make sure they're equipped with plastic-free, reef-safe, mineral sunscreen from Raw Elements!
Luggage Tag Always good to mark your luggage in case it gets lost or so you can grab it quickly off the carousel. Grab this sustainable and high quality luggage tag from Made Free.

Price: $50 – $100

UVC Water Bottle Great for minimizing plastic waste when traveling, use this UVC water bottle that purifies water so you can safely hydrate anywhere in the world.
Cadence Capsules A great way to store your toiletries for travel, these capsules are leak proof, TSA compliant, and from a company with a great mission!
Osea Travel Kits Keep you skin naturally clear and clean while traveling. Osea makes skin care products with active botanicals and uses sustainable packaging. There are awesome travel kits for every skin type.
Packing Cubes A great help for organizing your packing, check out the sustainable Monos packing cubes.
Oboz Hiking Boots I've been using these boots for years and I'm such a fan! For your hiking, wandering, exploring friends - these boots are the perfect gift!
Travel Clothes from Organic Basics The most sustainable choice is to limit your clothes shopping, but if you need some high quality, sustainable basics that can last a long time, check out Organic Basics.

Price: Splurge!

Rent the Runway Membership This would probably be my #1 recommendation!! Rent the Runway has completely upgraded my travel impact with a minimal impact on the planet because I get to rent seasonal and event-specific clothes, instead of buying outfits I won't wear frequently.
Paravel Luggage If you know someone who is in major need of a luggage upgrade, Paravel is the way to go! Definitely not cheap, but you get what you pay for. This is high quality, sustainably made luggage that should last you a long time!

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