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Head Harbor Lighthouse

Have you ever heard of Roosevelt Campobello Island? I hadn’t either until I was planning a trip to get up there from visiting Maine. This island is home to an international park, meaning the park is in both the USA and Canada. This island is named after former U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt because he spent his summers on the island with his family. To enter the island from Maine, you will need a passport or passport equivalent to go through Canadian customs. If you’re coming up through Maine, take a look at my Maine guide.

International Park

Visit the Roosevelt Campobello International Park where you can hike out to Friar’s head, enjoy the beautiful coastline, and even explore Roosevelt’s cottage. The cottage is open for visitors to learn about the Roosevelts and guides to tell stories of their summers on the island.

Eleanor’s Tea 

We stumbled upon this activity and we are so glad we did, because it was a highlight. You can attend this free tea by getting a ticket at the visitor’s center. It is first come, first serve, and given it is a free tea, they run out of tickets quickly. There’s a morning tea at 11:00 AM and an afternoon tea at 3:00 PM. Led by expert interpreters in the historic Wells-Shober summer cottage, you will learn about and celebrate Eleanor’s life, activism, and public service.

Roosevelt Campobello Island
Roosevelt International Park

Head Harbour Lightstation

This is one of my favorite lighthouses I’ve ever visited. The Head Harbour Lightstation is located on a tiny island off Roosevelt Campobello island where you have to go during low tide to access the lighthouse. Walking over to the lighthouse can be extremely slippery so wear shoes with good traction.

Mullholand Point Lighthouse

This is another cute lighthouse on the New Brunswick side right at the entrance to the island. If you visit at high tide, you will likely see seals feeding, which in my opinion, is a sight you can watch for hours!

Family Fisheries Restaurant

This is a great little local spot for fresh seafood and unbeatable pie. I had the fish and chips and blueberry pie!

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

This beautiful lighthouse is the easternmost point in the United States. You are so far east that my phone thought I was already in Canada and switched to international mode. There are walking paths around the area and a trail that takes you down to the beach. The setting is truly beautiful and totally worth a visit.

Head Harbor Lighthouse
West Quoddy Head


  • Corinne

    November 26, 2021

    We love it there and have been there many times. We even rented a house overlooking the River one year. It never gets old. So beautiful.


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