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Italy has really stepped up their gluten-free game, so I was able to enjoy a ton of delicious Italian meals in Verona, Venice, and Milan. Everything from pizza and pasta, to gelato and tiramisu! When you’re roaming around, make sure to look for or ask for “senza glutine.”

Also yes – I had wine with pretty much every meal…. because we’re in Italy!!

Pasta, pasta, and more pasta! Pasta is probably the most widely found gluten-free alternative that has been adapted in Italy. A lot of older and traditional restaurants won't have GF pasta, but you will always be able to find somewhere that does. The best pasta I had was homemade at Bistró in Milan. I also had pasta with local clams at Osteria al Pozzo Roverso in Venice.
gluten free pasta milan
pasta with clams in venice
Pizza Another classic Italian food that I'm sure you'll want to try, pizza! I had some amazing pizza at Peperino Pizza in Verona. This one wasn't celiac friendly because it was made in the same oven, but the dough is gluten free.
Cold cuts and cheeses Naturally gluten free, Italy knows how to make a nice cold cut platter. My favorite meat is prosciutto di parma and La Tradision in Verona has a great platter and you can request gluten free crackers. Luckily another Italian specialty is cheese, which we can enjoy!
gluten free pizza in verona
cold cuts italy
Gelato Most gelatos are gluten free, but it doesn't hurt to ask. The harder option to find is a gluten free cone, but I found one at Gelato Fantasy in Venice. I would highly recommend this option as they also have vegan gelato options that aren't fruit flavored, for those of you who can't eat dairy.
Fruit, Coffee, and Croissants Gluten free breakfast can be a little difficult in Italy since pastries are a staple and one of the hardest things to make gluten free. I loved going to la Costa in Bra in Verona because they had gluten free croissants! Otherwise I would usually just grab fruit and a coffee at a local cafe.

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Gelato Fantasy Venice
La Costa in Bra

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