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Capri is a stunning island just across from Sorrento. This iconic Italian paradise is a perfect day trip from the Amalfi Coast to see the beautiful Faraglioni Rocks, experience the Blue Grotto, eat a lemon ice out of a fresh lemon, and explore this unique island.

Getting to Capri:

We drove to Sorrento and took a ferry from Sorrento to Capri for about 20 Euros one way. We parked in Garage Marina Piccola by the port and walked down to the ferries. It cost us 26 Euros for all day parking. There are plenty of ferry options you can find from all the neighboring towns from Naples down to Amalfi. The ferries are huge and the Sorrento port is home to multiple carriers, so make sure you pay attention to which dock and which company your ticket is for. We bought the round trip tickets at the port in Sorrento.

Capri island
Capri monte solaro

Giro Isola Tour:

Our absolute favorite part of Capri was the boat tour around the island. We had the small boat private experience in Amalfi, so we opted for the shorter, bigger group tour for this one. When we got off the ferry in Capri, we saw multiple stands for the Giro Isola Tour and we just bought tickets at one of the kiosks and got on the boat. This tour goes all the way around the island and through the iconic Faraglioni Rocks. Legend has it if you kiss your lover passing under the arch, you’re guaranteed 30 years of happiness. This tour does NOT include going into the Blue Grotto.

Blue Grotto:

This is the most famous experience in Capri, but we skipped it this time around. We researched it and decided it wasn’t a must-see for us, but it is extremely popular with tourists. There are many tours that will take you into the grotto. The entrance has low clearance so you have to lay low in the boat and then it opens up into the sea cave (grotto) with crystal clear blue water. We decided that the sea caves and grottos we saw kayaking from Praiano were sufficient! If you want to see this one, make sure you book a tour that includes this option as you need a boat to take you.

giro isola boat tour capri
Capri rocks iconic

Monte Solaro:

This was my favorite view in Capri! We took the chairlift up to the top of Monte Solaro and wandered around this beautiful viewpoint. There is an overpriced cafe at the top, but we spent about 45 minutes just taking in the view and wandering around. We bought the return trip ticket on the chairlift as well, so we rode back down to where we started. There is an option to hike up and down, but it is an intense hike and less rewarding since everyone else is just riding the lift up.

Monte Solaro Chair Lift
Monte Solaro View


The smaller, off-the-beaten-path side of Capri, we took the bus from the main tourist port to Anacapri. You can buy bus tickets at the bus station at the port. In Anacapri, we just wandered around the streets, stopped for a cappuccino, and looked in the cute local shops.

Capri Town:

The main square in Capri is up the hill closer to the center of the island. We wandered around and got lunch with a spectacular view. I didn’t do much restaurant research for Capri since we had eaten so many good (and less expensive) meals on this trip! You can check out this blog for restaurant recommendations. We took the funicular down from Capri Town to Marina Grande.

Marina Grande (Tourist port):

This is where the ferries come in and out of Capri. We found our tour tickets and bus tickets here. This is great area to enjoy the sea breeze, eat some lemon ice out of a big lemon rind, and shop the cute gift shops lining the harbor.

Capri lemons

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