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Hawa Mahal India

I recently spent a month in India and here are the top 10 items on my India packing list! First off, I always carried these five health and hygiene products with me:

  1. Travel Kleenex – I always kept a pack of these in my purse because most public bathrooms will not have toilet paper. If you’re out and about a lot, these are a must have!
  2. Face Mask – We all got used to wearing these during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, so what’s a little more? I highly recommend wearing a mask, especially in Delhi where the pollution is bad, or anywhere that’s dusty. It really helped me not get a cold from the air. My friends that didn’t wear masks all had throat pain and fell sick.
  3. Pee Safe – I don’t think they sell this in the US, so I linked a disinfectant spray. I used this all the time in India when I was tired of squatting. It’s just best to clean off any public toilet seat if you’re going to actually sit on it.
  4. Hand Sanitizer – This is another essential when you’re out and about. Many parts of India are not the most sanitary, so it is best to regularly sanitize your hands. This was especially important if we were going to eat something and there wasn’t a bathroom to wash hands, if I had to touch my face, etc.
  5. Pepto Bismol Tablets – These were a lifesaver for me. It’s no secret that India can be rough on a foreigners stomach, and instead of letting a little upset stomach ruin a whole day, I’d pop one of these tablets after a meal and be good to go! (Always consult with your doctor before starting a new medication)

Along with health and hygiene products, I always kept these five travel essentials with me. Some of these seem obvious, but read below on the specific situations in India where these will be important:

  1. Passport or ID: Obviously it is extremely important to keep your passport safe, so be careful if you are carrying it around. Always keep some kind of ID on you for getting into bars, for buying tickets, or for any unplanned circumstance where you need identification.
  2. iWalk Portable Charger: This thing is a lifesaver if you’re out for a whole day, using Uber, navigating on maps, taking photos, etc. I used my phone so much in India and almost always needed an extra charge if I was out for the whole day.
  3. Cash: I had a great international credit card, but the credit card machines are not always reliable and often decline cards. I’d recommend always having enough cash to cover the purchase you are planning to put on your card. Cash is also best for smaller purchases like street snacks, chai, auto rides, etc.
  4. International Credit Card: Make sure you have a good credit card that won’t get shut down when it sees you’re in a foreign country and also doesn’t have a foreign transaction fee. Pro tip – always make credit card purchases in local currency, you will get a better rate.
  5. International SIM Card or phone plan: Having working cellular data is essential to navigating India stress-free. I used my phone for calling Ubers, navigating on Google Maps, communicating with tour guides, calling hotels, and more.  I highly recommend getting an international plan or an international SIM.

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