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Taisteal gluten free Edinburgh

In had such a great time in Edinburgh with tons of gluten free options all over the city!


We arrived in Edinburgh around noon and walked from Waverley Station to our hotel. Right away, we were ready to grab lunch!


This is a super cute little cafe right on the Royal Mile. They have a lot of options for coffee, tea, and pastries, with gluten free cookies and bars. They also had a nice lunch menu where I got a delicious sandwich on GF bread and a split pea soup. They were very knowledgable of gluten free options so we had a lovely time here!


We wanted to go out for a little fancy dinner, so we headed to Taisteal for a 3-course dinner. They didn’t have gluten free options labeled on the menu, but the owner was super helpful and checked everything with the chef. I had a delicious avocado Panna cotta, then a roasted duck, and finally a chai crème brûlée.

Deacons House Edinburgh Gluten Free
taisteal gluten free edinburgh



This place is a gluten-free dream! They have a ton of gluten free patisserie, as well as a gluten free food menu. I would highly recommend eating here!


A famous pub on the Royal Mile, we stopped here for a pint and a snack. They weren’t super clear on gluten free options, so since I’m not celiac, I had some fries. At the time, they told me they didn’t have a separate frier, so I wouldn’t recommend it for celiac. Then I got a gluten free cider!


Another nice dinner spot in Edinburgh! You will definitely want a reservation here. This is a great spot to have a safe gluten free meal and try local Scottish flavors. They clearly mark gluten free on their menu and almost all of their main courses were naturally gluten free, including a local favorite, Cullen Skink.

gluten free pastry Edinburgh
worlds end pub gluten free edinburgh


Our favorite breakfast spot in Edinburgh, I’d highly recommend getting a reservation here! They had tons of gluten free options including a house made GF soda bread that was PHENOMENAL. This bread isn’t certified GF so celiacs might want to be careful, but I had no issues with it. They also serve a full Scottish breakfast that they can make gluten free. I had the hash which is naturally gluten free and delicious!


This was an incredible experience. We did a full afternoon tea here that they seamlessly accommodated gluten free. I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything! You need to make a reservation and give them 48 hours advance notice of a gluten free accommodation. This is a bit of a splurge at £60 per person, but I thought it was totally worth it. We spent over 2 hours here as we enjoyed an amuse bouche, a full savory tower, a full sweet tower, pallet cleanser, and 2 pots of tea each.

Edinburgh Lauder gluten free
Colonnades at the Signet Library Afternoon Tea Gluten free edinburgh

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