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nahargarh fort

For Taj Mahal

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I am not a fashion expert, but I do love finding cute and real outfits to wear while traveling. It is so important to have comfortable clothes and shoes for long days exploring! For Taj Mahal, I wore this beautiful light green kurta I bought while in India, and paired it with white jeans to give it an indo-western look.

Exploring Delhi

For a day out in Delhi, a simple jeans and shirt works great! Make sure to wear something light and breathable with good walking shoes!

Touring Jaipur

For spending a day in Jaipur, I wore something simple and modest. A simple jeans and tee was great with all the colorful backdrops!

Out for Dinner

I didn’t have any super fashionable outfits to wear out, so I kept it simple and comfortable. I loved wearing this stretchy black dress and a light jacket. I also wore this light floral dress which I loved!

Scooting Around Udaipur

When riding a scooter it’s important to wear durable long pants and a jacket, as well as closed toe shoes. This outfit was perfect for scootin’ around all day and looking cute all the places we stopped!

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