Best Gluten Free Eats 

Andrea Abroad 2021

World's Greatest French Fries

One of my all-time favorite gluten free foods! 

SOTA Sandwich at BRIM

 (dedicated gluten free facility)

Pork Chop 

An underrated delight

Auntie M'se Go

Dedicated gluten free food truck with corn dogs, cheese curds, and funnel cakes! 

Ice Cream or Sundae at Dairy Building

Cone and Malts are not gf

More GF Faves:

- Sconuts at French Meadow - Milkshake at Gopher Dairy bar - Corn at Corn Roast - Sundae at Dairy Building - Paneer Pakora at Hot    Indian -  Turkey leg at the hanger - Chicago Dogs with Udi Buns at Chicago Dogs